Water systemby Jennifer Roe

Susan Bierly, president of IMC Water Coolers, is proud to be associated with Bethesda Green by providing the office with a bottle-less water cooler. Staff and visitors not only enjoy high-quality, refreshing water but appreciate that the water system aligns with Bethesda Green’s values. The IMC Water Cooler eliminates the need for plastic bottles, reducing environmental impact. IMC is a 25-year-old company that, according to Susan, “takes pride in serving the Washington DC market.” They provide a full line of filtered water coolers, home filtration systems (sink, ice, bar, shower, etc.), BRITA Hydration Stations and Mobile Water Refill Stations.

IMC has been providing a bottle-less water cooler system to Bethesda Green ever since Susan met with Executive Director Dave Feldman and rediscovered that they had worked together years ago.  It was then that Susan decided IMC would donate the cooler and the service in support of the Bethesda Green mission to build a more sustainable community.

Headshot Susan

Susan Bierly, president of IMC Water Coolers

Using bottle-less water systems “creates a domino effect,” Susan explains. By reducing the number of water bottles, the fuel, water and wasted resources that go into manufacturing plastic bottles is greatly reduced, allowing consumers who purchase IMC Water Coolers to have a smaller footprint on the planet. In addition, the coolers have a Sleep Mode® where the cooler will reduce the amount of energy it is using by 30% anytime it senses darkness. According to Susan, a study showed that over a 10-year period, 60-70% of energy was saved with an IMC system compared to a traditional water cooler. Therefore, these coolers help protect earth’s natural resources and help save energy.

In the future, Susan would like to see further development of energy efficient products. She hopes that marketing and branding of IMC continues to increase consumer awareness on the high-quality of filtered tap water, encouraging people to reduce consumption of bottled water.  IMC is passionate about educating the public on how drinking filtered tap water can have economic advantages for companies and individuals while protecting the earth. As people continue to reach for plastic water bottles, we are using more oil and natural resources than we can afford, therefore if businesses and homes reduce their consumption of bottled water by switching to filtered tap water systems such as IMC, it would make a big difference, one water cooler at a time.

To learn more about IMC Water Cooler services for your home or office, visit their website at www.imcwater.com.

Jennifer Roe is a recent graduate of the University of Edinburgh where she received her Master’s in Environment and Development.  She is passionate about building a just and sustainable food system where every individual has the opportunity to lead a successful, healthy life.