BG Board Members Elizabeth LeVaca (Calvert Group) and Scott Ritter (Chevy Chase Bank), with BG Executive Director Dave Feldman and Cindy Powers.

BG Board Members Elizabeth LeVaca (Calvert Group) and Scott Ritter (Chevy Chase Bank), with BG Executive Director Dave Feldman and Cindy Powers.

Bethesda Green had its first Happy Hour networking event March 25, which also served as a farewell party to Bethesda Green Environmental Program Coordinator Cindy Powers.  A group of Cindy’s friends, associates and family attended the informal gathering at the Harp & Fiddle pub across from the Bethesda Green offices.   We all toast Cindy for her work and dedication to Bethesda Green.

For more pics of the Happy Hour and the Go Green America Expo, go to the Bethesda Green Facebook photo page.

Cindy is now out west (last we heard, enjoying the charms of Portland, OR) to persue an advanced education in environmental design.  We wish her all the best and good luck in the future.

shamrockOn the day we celebrate Ireland and all things green, it seems appropriate for Bethesda Green to claim a bit of a holiday as well.  So, today, we toast our supporters, volunteers, and friends.  Thank you all — Bethesda Green would not exist without  you.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Erin Go Bragh!

bg-center2Why the heck are you posting a picture of Chevy Chase Bank on your Bethesda Green blog?  Very simple.  The second floor of the building — located at the corner of Woodmont and Cordell Avenues — is our new home.  A Bethesda Green sponsor, Chevy Chase Bank has generously donated the space, which is starting to take shape as a community center and green business incubator.

Designers and builders are working up remodeling plans; and community members, government, and businesses are contributing information displays, artwork, and decor.  Lot’s still on the drawing board, so any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

In the weeks ahead, by early Spring, we’ll be hosting a big, open house party t0 showcase Bethesda’s green businesses, programs, and activities.  Stay tuned.

By the way, did you notice the recycling bin to the right of the frrecycle-binont door?  Sponsored by Working Group Member David Hill of CycleLogic, it’s one of our many new bins installed thruout downtown Bethesda.

Here’s a copy of our ad that appears on page 230 of the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of Bethesda Magazine — a generous in-kind contribution from publisher Steve Hull and Nasuti + Hinkle Creative Thinking.  Variations of the ad will appear in every issue this year.


bethesdaSo we’re embarking on a new adventure.  Will Bethesda Green take hold in the community?  Can we overcome the economic struggles we’re all facing to make this new venture a viable initiative into the future?  Questions we’re all asking as we stand on the threshhold of an Obama Administration that says it’s committed to driving the issues we care about — promoting a green economy that creates jobs, energy independence, and a clean environment.  Do we dare to think that our small grassroots effort to engage residents and encourage business to embrace a green ethic will take root and provide a model for other communities in our region to follow?

I don’t know, but despite sitting sitting here in economic turmoil, I’m optimistic about what lies ahead.  I like what I see happening and believe it translates to positive change in the future.

Welcome to the Bethesda Green blog, presenting ideas, updates, activities, and more about our local nonprofit initiative to promote an environmental ethic and sustainable living practices.  Comments always appreciated.