December 2008

bethesdaSo we’re embarking on a new adventure.  Will Bethesda Green take hold in the community?  Can we overcome the economic struggles we’re all facing to make this new venture a viable initiative into the future?  Questions we’re all asking as we stand on the threshhold of an Obama Administration that says it’s committed to driving the issues we care about — promoting a green economy that creates jobs, energy independence, and a clean environment.  Do we dare to think that our small grassroots effort to engage residents and encourage business to embrace a green ethic will take root and provide a model for other communities in our region to follow?

I don’t know, but despite sitting sitting here in economic turmoil, I’m optimistic about what lies ahead.  I like what I see happening and believe it translates to positive change in the future.

Welcome to the Bethesda Green blog, presenting ideas, updates, activities, and more about our local nonprofit initiative to promote an environmental ethic and sustainable living practices.  Comments always appreciated.