Big Green Bus comes to Annapolis

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biggreenbus350Annapolis Green is is bringing Dartmouth College’s Big Green Bus to Annapolis this Friday, June 21, 9:30 – 11:30 am to focus its “vehicle for change” campaign on clean water and the Chesapeake Bay. Members of the Big Green Crew will share their personal stories about how they developed their sustainability philosophies and how they’ve come to make lifestyle changes to adjust to pressing environmental and social issues.

The biodiesel-fueled bus carries a dozen Dartmouth students aboard for the summer as they travel the country — from sea to shining sea — “promoting positivity and enthusiasm for the environmental movement” and celebrating what the environmental community is already achieving.

At the two-hour stop in Annapolis, the Big Green Bus will park near the National Sailing Hall of Fame at City Dock and conduct video-taped interviews of a half-dozen environmental leaders and enthusiasts who will be asked to tell their stories about the importance of clean water and the Bay to their lives.  At the end of the bus tour, in the fall, members of the Bus crew will create a documentary about their experiences.  Think of this as a cross between NPR’s Story Corps and On the Road with Charles Kurault.

The Big Green Bus visit is a part of Annapolis Green’s “Red Right Recycle” initiative promoting Greening of waterside events such as the U.S. Boat Shows in Annapolis. We’ll be recording audio of these stories and any YOU would care to share with us, to air next week on our radio program, Living Green in Annapolis.

Let’s show them a big welcome, share our stories … and check out their very cool bus!

Information about the Big Green Bus:

GreenWheaton, a nonprofit organization with a mission similar to Bethesda Green’s, is celebrating its first anniversary with a fundraising gala at Brookside Gardens Visitor Center, Tuesday, June 19.

Joining the festivities will be a special visit by the Dartmouth College Big Green Bus. In its 8th year, dedicated Dartmouth students are touring the nation visiting 24 states on a reused, veggie-powered Greyhound bus. This year the group is focused on “inspiring grassroots action to address environmental issues and encourage sustainability at the community level.”

The GreenWheaton fundraiser features local food, beer, wine, refreshments, green vendors, door prizes, and more! Tickets are $25 a person.  Register here.

Brookside Gardens Visitor Center, 1800 Glenallen Avenue, Wheaton, MD 20902

BCC students get briefed about surveying Bethesda restaurants as part of the local biodiesel fuel research project.

BCC students get briefed about surveying Bethesda restaurants as part of the local biodiesel fuel research project.

Bethesda Green recently launched an exciting project in partnership with Montgomery County to research the disposal of waste vegetable oil from Bethesda restaurants.  It turns out that grease is a hot commodity for the production of biodiesel fuel, which could be used to power vehicles in the County fleet.

As a first step, Bethesda Green and the County developed a restaurant survey to estimate the total amount of grease available for possibly generating biodiesel locally and to improve the environmental choices restaurants have for disposing their waste vegetable oil.

BCC high school students have volunteered to help conduct the restaurant survey and recently dropped by Bethesda Green for a project orientation.  We’ll keep you posted on this important effort as it moves forward.

Restaurants wanting more information in general about the County’s Vegetable Oil Exchange program should go to

More information about the biodiesel program can be found on the Bethesda Green website.