We’ve all had to sacrifice in order to comply with the mandatory water restrictions WSSC has instituted while it replaces part of a water main in Potomac. They want us to cut water use by 30 percent; so far, customers used 5 percent less water on July 2 and 8 percent less water July 3. So there’s a long way to go.

For many people, one big issue is how to keep gardens and plants thriving. Well, WSSC has a huge list of Tips on Keeping Your Plants Happy During Mandatory Restrictions.” The advice includes collecting shower water as you’re waiting for it to heat up, dumping cooking water in the garden (from pasta or veggies), using dehumidifier water, and even mulching your plants. Reusing water in these ways is okay.

Plus, they have a reminder that native plants need less water, so in the future plant them and you won’t have to worry.

WSSC also has this list of year-round Water Conservation Tips; just remember WSSC has banned outdoor water use until they lift the restrictions. [Reusing water as mentioned above is okay.]

These restrictions truly test our ability to conserve water, get by only with what we need, and waste nothing (or very close to it). Now’s the time for all of us to do our part; there’s nothing “greener.”

Remember, by using less water, you’re ensuring that fire departments in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties have an adequate supply to fight fires.

*Note*: For the latest water restriction updates, visit wsscwater.com.

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