Cliff Chiet and Dave Feldman at the Maryland Gone Green event

Cliff Chiet and Dave Feldman shake hands at the Maryland Gone Green event.

Today’s Gazette of Politics and Business features a special “Maryland Gone Green!” insert section, highlighting 35 companies and organizations that have gone green, provide environmentally friendly services, or educate people about environmental sustainability.

Representatives from most of those businesses showed up early—8 a.m.—at Bethesda Green, March 31, for an appreciation breakfast sponsored by the Gazette and Bethesda Green.

Cliff Chiet, publisher of the Gazette of Politics and Business, thanked everyone for participating in the special publication.

“It’s the first time ever we’ve published something showing off all the green things in the county,” he said. “You already see it,” he told the crowd, “how important this movement is. Montgomery County is really leading the charge, and what’s really exciting is this publication proves it.”

Chiet noted that all the legislators in Annapolis will get a copy, as will the 20,000 businesses that subscribe to the Gazette of Politics and Business.

Bethesda Green’s Executive Director Dave Feldman added, “We applaud that there are economic benefits to being green. You’re all companies that recognize that.”

Firms featured in the publication include large international companies such as Marriott International, Inc., and Lockheed Martin, as well as local outfits such as All Eco Center, and Sustainable Design Group.

The Bethesda Green Business Incubator also received a mention, with a sidebar about Aquabarrel.

Chiet noted he hopes to publish this section every year, and, referring to everyone in the room, said, “We have to be ambassadors.”

The Gazette has also gone green in one way, by using a color printing press that produces high-quality, color copies of the paper sooner in the printing process, thus reducing waste copies that cannot be distributed. Chiet said the press saves them 2,500 tons of paper per year.

If you don’t subscribe to the Gazette of Politics and Business, you can read the “Maryland Gone Green!” section here.