Bethesda Green announced the appointment of a new slate of Board officers to assume leadership at its next meeting January 7, 2011.  Community leader and current Board Member Ilaya Hopkins will serve as Chair of the Board of Directors.  Other officers elected by the Board at its December 2010 meeting include Vice Chair Jeff Burton, Deputy Executive Director at Bethesda Urban Partnership; Treasurer Joseph Chirico, Senior Vice President with Capital One Bank; and Secretary Rosalie Grazzini.

Bethesda Green Co-Founders and former Board Co-Chairs Seth Goldman (President and TeaEO of Honest Tea) and George Leventhal (Montgomery County Councilmember, At Large) championed the growth of the non-profit collaborative of residents, businesses and government since its inception in 2008 and will continue serving as Board Members.

“An important test for any young enterprise is whether it can continue to grow and evolve once the founders step aside.  I’m confident that Bethesda Green is in good hands,” said Goldman.

High among the Bethesda Green successes touted by Leventhal is its Green Business Incubator as an engine of job creation in the community. “Bethesda Green works with and leverages Montgomery County’s strengths to create a green entrepreneurial cluster that will generate economic, environmental and social value for the County’s businesses and residents,” he said.  “The Board fully supports its ongoing development.”

Other Bethesda Green highlights include:

  • Installing dozens of recycling bins in downtown Bethesda.
  • Educating thousands of people through seminars and trade shows about renewable energy and simple efficiencies to cut carbon output and save money.
  • Organizing E-cycling days in partnership with Montgomery County, collecting tons of TVs, computers and other old electronic equipment.
  • Convening an internship fair providing hundreds of young people a gateway to future careers.
  • Hosting a Gala to spotlight businesses and individuals as champions of sustainable living.
  • Strengthening ties between the urban and rural communities in the local agricultural food chain.

New Board Chair Ilaya Hopkins is working with staff and volunteer leadership to outline plans for the future. “Seth and George established a strong foundation for Bethesda Green in its formative years,” said Hopkins. “We look forward in 2011 to building upon our established success, expanding our community impact, providing quality educational programming and driving the creation of new green jobs.”

Bell ringers open the Bethesda FreshFarm Market, June 19.

Bell ringers--including BG's Dave Feldman (white shirt) and County Councilmember Roger Berliner (center, with jacket and green cap)--open the Bethesda FreshFarm Market, June 19.

One week ago today, Bethesda Green’s Executive Director, Dave Feldman, was part of a group of people who rang the opening bell(s) for the new Bethesda FreshFarm Market,  June 19.

The bell ringers walked the length of the one-block farmer’s market on Norfolk Ave. FreshFarm employees, Bethesda Urban Partnership representatives, County Councilmember Roger Berliner and Feldman were among the group.

The Bethesda FreshFarm Market is open Saturday mornings on Norfolk Ave.

The Bethesda FreshFarm Market is open Saturday mornings on Norfolk Ave.

The Bethesda FreshFarm Market is open Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. through October 30, on Norfolk Street, which is blocked off at that time between Fairmont Ave. and St. Elmo Ave. It features farmers and producers selling local fruits and vegetables, baked goods, cheese and dairy, meat and eggs, and flowers and plants. There’s even one stand that sells nothing but pies.

Some vendors were not present at the opening, but there were placeholder signs noting that they would be joining the market soon.

Ilaya Hopkins, left, speaks with shoppers at the market. Hopkins is a Democratic candidate for county council in District 1.

Ilaya Hopkins, left, speaks with shoppers at the market. Hopkins is a Democratic candidate for county council in District 1.

A decent crowd showed up the first day. One of those perusing the produce was Ilaya Hopkins, Democratic candidate for county council in District 1. Hopkins sits on the Bethesda Green Board of Directors, as does incumbent District 1 Councilmember Berliner.

The new FreshFarm market gives Bethesdans another opportunity to conveniently buy local foods, along with the Bethesda Central Farm Market that is open Thursdays and Sundays on the Bethesda Row side of town.