The Gazette of Politics and Business, in cooperation with Bethesda Green, is providing a unique opportunity to highlight Maryland businesses that have “gone green” through a special publication distributed with its May 4th edition.

We are partnering with the Gazette and other business sponsors as part of our mission to:

  • Educate the community about sustainability, raise awareness and inspire action.
  • Incubate new start-up green businesses, fostering the next generation of green business models and solutions.
  • Initiate green projects, leveraging community expertise and assets to improve sustainability in the community.

We believe this special publication will undoubtedly be a valuable marketing tool with measurable results for all of the participants. Each company featured will have the opportunity to tell their “green” story to nearly 20,000 businesses.

By targeting 92% owners/partners, CEO’s and presidents of Maryland businesses, your stories will undoubtedly influence many others on the advantages of sustainability. In addition, copies will be distributed by Bethesda Green and other  environmental organizations in the area throughout the year.

This is how it works — along with your promotional advertisement, The Gazette of Politics & Business will match you with equal editorial space to tell your company’s story. Each story page will be designed by The Gazette with photos, editorial, logo, and pertinent contact information at a special discounted rate. If needed, The Gazette will provide you with a writer to assist you at no charge or you are welcome to write your own editorial portion.

Each company who participates in this promotional opportunity will also be invited to attend a special “Meet and Greet Breakfast” at Bethesda Green, Wednesday, May 2 to get “hot-off-the-press” copies and to meet one another.

A companion electronic “flip book” of the publication will also appear on online throughout the year.

Contact Terry Tillman for more details at 301-670-2084 or Space deadline is April 11, 2012.