Make plans to check out one or more of the 150 films being shown at 60 venues over the next couple of weeks during the 19th annual DC Environmental Film Festival. The filmmakers cover almost every environmental topic, but this year’s festival features a multi-day Energy Film Series, with films about the impact of the BP Oil Spill, mountaintop coal mining, and wind power.

Renowned oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle will appear with the portrait film-in-progress, Mission Blue, distinguished biologist Dr. E.O. Wilson will discuss his two recent books about ants and visionary Canadian environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki will attend the screening of Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie.

Local filmmaker—and friend of Bethesda Green—Laura Seltzer will introduce her film, “The Last Boat Out,” which screens as part of a set of films about the Chesapeake Bay, March 23.

Many of the festival screenings are free.

One topic of note: For folks interested in food issues, there’s a series of short films about food showing at the Maret School, March 17, as well as the hour-long “Community of Gardeners,” about the community garden movement in D.C., March 24 and 25 at two D.C. locations.

So check out the full list of films, go see one and get inspired!