By Beverly Firme, guest blogger

Bethesda Row Community Shred

A man dumps documents at the Community Shred, August 15. (Photo by Beverly Firme)

The Bethesda Row Community Shred, sponsored by Bethesda Row, Equinox Fitness and  Bethesda Green and held at Bethesda Lane and Elm Street on Sunday, August 15, was an opportunity for local residents to bring papers and documents to discard and shred in a secure way.  Remember how rainy it was that day?  The downpour did not deter people from coming out with bags of papers to shred.  Someone pulled up every few minutes and got out of their car with bags – and sometimes bags and bags and bags – of papers.

A crew from Clean Cut Shredding was on hand to get the paper into bins and then to their on-site shredding truck for shredding.  “It’s important that we help the community,” said Dawn Jessel, Public Relations Manager.  A subsidiary of Georgetown Paper Stock of Rockville, the company provides document shredding for area businesses and private homes.  Clean Cut Shredding provides a high level of security and privacy when it comes to shredding papers.

“We have locks on our containers, and they are locked at all times.  Our bins are padlocked with unique combinations to ensure security.  The truck we have is state-of-the-art”, said Larry Etman, Director of Clean Cut Shredding.  “It enables us to take the paper from the container to the shredder without us having to touch it.  We have no idea what’s going in there.”

Shredding papers and documents is serious business.  Identity theft is a growing concern – most of us know someone who was had their identity stolen and all are at risk.  The FTC estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year.

Shredding does help protect against identity theft, but there’s an environmental reason for shredding documents as well:  It makes recycling personal documents easier.  Clean Cut Shredding shreds all paper into confetti-sized pieces, and then recycles the confetti into household paper products. So, you can protect yourself and the environment by making shredding a regular part of your routine.

After the event, Etman reported they shredded close to 3 tons of paper (5,500 lbs) that day, which works out to 47 trees saved!

Many residents asked about the next Community Shred as they emptied their bags into the bins.  Stay tuned – Clean Cut Shredding is glad to consider additional Community Shreds if there is interest and need.  We’ll keep you posted!