As students go back to school to start their spring semester, finding a summer internship is definitely on their to-do list, and now is the time when employers are looking for talented students to fill their organizational needs. So each year Bethesda Green hosts Fields of Green Internship Fair to connect highly qualified students who are looking for opportunities in the environmental sector with DC metro area’s green employers. Getting ready for the event this year, we decided to share a series of profiles about some of the amazing interns who have worked with us recently.

Jon Akpapunam PhotoMeet Jon Akpapunam. He is a recent graduate in Environmental Studies and Economics at Denison University and aims to contribute to the development of products and business strategies that are both meaningful and sustainable. He is a basketball player, music lover, and french fry eater.

How did you hear about Bethesda Green? Honestly, I came across Bethesda Green by chance during my job search.

The best thing about interning at Bethesda Green are the people and the opportunities to learn and contribute to awesome sustainability efforts in the community.

What have you been up to since your internship at Bethesda Green? After my internship at BG, I interned for both Clean Currents and the City Parks Alliance. Recently, I have accepted another internship with a corporate responsibility consulting firm in New York, Corporate Citizenship.

I am most passionate about the positive impact that business and products can have on people. I’m also passionate about sports, music, and positivity.

One thing you do to protect the environment? Recycle. I do not consume bottled water, conserve energy whenever possible, and consider the environmental impact of almost everything I do.

Future goals/plans? I aim to continue to do work that feeds my passion and sparks my interest, learn more about digital content, learn to DJ/mix music, visit California, Nigeria, Germany and New Zealand/Australia within 5 years  and continue to enjoy times with friends and family.