As students go back to school to start their spring semester, finding a summer internship is definitely on their to-do list, and now is the time when employers are looking for talented students to fill their organizational needs. So each year Bethesda Green hosts Fields of Green Internship Fair to connect highly qualified students who are looking for opportunities in the environmental sector with DC metro area’s green employers. Getting ready for the event this year, we decided to share a series of profiles about some of the amazing interns who have worked with us recently.

Megan Clark PhotoMeet Megan Clark. She is a junior at American University, studying Public Communication with minors in Marketing and Psychology. She has held several positions in sustainability-related fields because she is interested in making the world a greener place.

How did you hear about Bethesda Green? I heard about Bethesda Green through a position I held at American University’s Office of Sustainability. They told us about the Fields of Green Internship Fair where I learned about the internship positions available at Bethesda Green.

The best thing about interning at Bethesda Green…was getting to know the people that work there and getting involved in a multitude of projects. Every day was different, and I liked that there was always something new to learn.

What have you been up to since your internship at Bethesda Green? I just got back from studying European Sustainable Development in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the fall semester, which was a great experience, but now I am looking forward to getting further involved on my campus again at AU.

I am most passionate about my friends and family. These are the people that love and support me. Wherever I find myself in my future, I know that they will be by my side.

One thing you do to protect the environment? I always bring reusable bags to the grocery store, and I have my own recycling bin in my room in my apartment. Incorporating sustainability into my daily life is a huge priority for me.

Future goals/plans? My future plans for this year are to get more involved in service opportunities on my campus and expand my network. As for beyond this year, I am looking forward to pursuing different career opportunities and really getting my feet wet working in different fields. I would also like to travel back to Europe at some point and visit the places I haven’t been to yet such as London, Paris, Rome and Vienna!