By Alison Wentzell

New Road Rules Make DC Cycling SaferBGnews_logo

In the past year, the number of bicyclists on DC streets has risen 130%.  With so many more bikes on the roads, the District government has passed a new bill making it much safer for bikes.  The bill allows cyclists to cross intersections ahead of the light, so that they don’t feel so pushed by the people in cars.

The new legislation also puts more responsibility on the drivers.  Drivers failing to yield to cyclists will receive 3 points on their license as well as a $250 fine.  Drivers colliding with cyclists will have to pay $500 and get 6 points on their license.  However, many drivers claim that the rules aren’t fair and put too much responsibility on them without considering what the cyclists might be doing.

Check out the full article at WJLA.

Bethesda Firm Helps You Pick LED Light Bulbs

Since the Energy Independence and Security Act was passed in 2007, many people have been confused about what to do for light bulbs.  The law has resulted in many of the most popular incandescent light bulbs being taken off the shelf because they do not meet new energy efficiency standards.  Since then, consumers have become overwhelmed with the array of lighting options, that all vary in brightness, color, and environmental safety.

However, coming to the rescue is Bethesda Systems, an audio-visual company that offers a new service called LED Diet, which aims to cut down on electric bills by helping homeowners pick the light bulbs that best fit their needs. The people from Bethesda Systems, which sells fixtures and bulbs not typically found at hardware stores, will come to your house to test various options during both the day and night.

The company believe that what’s important is how the light looks in the room, not the brand.  These bulbs are generally more expensive than what you would get at the store; however, after the initial sticker price, an LED bulb can save $267 in energy costs over a comparable incandescent for the lifetime of the bulb, according to Bethesda Systems.

For more information, check out the Washington Post article.


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Alison Wentzell is a senior at American University and an intern with Bethesda Green.  Her interests in sustainability focus on environmental politics, cultural aspects of the environment, and environmental conflict.