Pepco offers a suite of programs to help you save energy and money. These programs support Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s EmPOWER Maryland initiative to reduce energy consumption in the state 15 percent by 2015. Not only will you save, you’ll be doing your part to make Maryland a cleaner and greener place to live.

For homeowners, the Quick Home Energy Check-up is a great way to get started. An energy professional will complete a high-level assessment of your home and install energy-saving products such as CFLs and low-flow shower heads, making it easy for you to save right away.

Or, receive up to $750 in rebates when you upgrade to more efficient cooling and heating equipment and have your duct system evaluated  to seal any leaks, fix holes or be properly connected, which improves your home’s comfort and indoor air quality. Both services are provided by Pepco’s participating contractors.

If you are thinking about a new appliance, be sure to choose an ENERGY STAR® certified one and get up to $150 in rebates from Pepco.

Or, choose to save automatically with Energy Wise Rewards™. Residential and commercial customers alike can sign up and choose a web-programmable thermostat – a $150 value – or an outdoor switch, both professionally installed at no charge. Then, receive up to $160 off your bill in your first year of participating. For a few hours on Peak Savings Days, Pepco will automatically cycle off and on your central air conditioner or heat pump compressor while your fan continues to circulate already cooled air. You have two opportunities to opt out of a Peak Savings Day each year.

Next summer, look for a phone call, text message or email from Pepco the day before a Peak Savings Day, alerting you to voluntarily reduce your electricity use. With the Peak Energy Savings Credit program you will receive a $1.25 credit off your bill for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) you reduce below your baseline.

Residents of multi-family apartment buildings and condominiums, don’t fret! You can also benefit from rebates for appliance purchases, get a Quick Home Energy Check-up, and participate in the Peak Energy Savings Credit and Energy Wise Rewards programs.

There are even programs for commercial customers, small business and nonprofits through the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Energy Saving Programs. Participating organizations have saved more than $16 million in energy costs since 2009, which goes straight to your bottom line. Plus, your customers know you’re making a difference in Maryland’s environment.

Learn more about Pepco’s Home Energy Saving Programs and the C&I Energy Saving Programs to start saving energy and money today.