by Susanna Parkerjoyful bath co

Rochel Roland is firm in her belief that taking a bath is one of the best ways to relax your body and mind. The founder of Joyful Bath Co. has had a life-long love affair with hot baths but was always disappointed by the bath products available. Some had too much fragrance, others left an oily residue, and all were filled with unnatural chemicals. Rochel began creating her own formulations mixing organic salts, pure essential oils and healing food-grade ingredients, unlike any other bath products on the market. That’s when she realized she’d found her niche, and Joyful Bath Co. was born.

Starting out small, Rochel sold her products at schools, churches, fundraising events, and military facilities all over the area. She was able to interact directly with customers, get immediate feedback and realize the extent of the customer demand for her products. During that time, she also established her supply chain and prepared for growth. In 2010, Rochel exhibited at the natural products industry’s national trade show and began receiving her first large retail orders.

Rochel cares about more than a good bathing experience – sustainability is a big focus at Joyful Bath Co. Rochel selected her manufacturers based on their concern for quality and sustainable sourcing. She strives to balance environmental concerns with product freshness, and deliberately uses glass jars as packaging to encourage recycling and re-purposing. Whenever possible, Rochel uses recycled paper and paper products. The all-natural ingredients that go into all Joyful Bath Co. products are truly 100% natural. Rochel believes that cutting corners doesn’t work if it means acting in a way that harms the environment. Rochel is also concerned about saving water – Joyful Bath Co. gives their customers instructions on how to take a “Power Bath” that provides all the wellness benefits of taking a bath without using any more water than a shower. Joyful Bath Co. soaps are all biodegradable.

Rochel and Joyful Bath Co. joined the Bethesda Green Incubator in October 2012. Since then, Rochel has made business connections through the Incubator and had access to educational resources that have helped her expand Joyful Bath Co. The monthly Incubator meetings allow her to share experiences and tools with the other Incubator companies, and the lunch talks have featured speakers well-versed in starting small, sustainable businesses.

When asked about the overarching goal of Joyful Bath Co., Rochel responds, “Our mission is simple. We just want to help clean up the world one bath or shower at a time.” She smiles, and adds, “And everyone needs to bathe – if not daily, at least every once in a while!”

Joyful Bath Co. products are available at Whole Foods Market, Dawson’s Market, and online at For bath lovers, Rochel recommends the Bath Variety Six Pack that includes one each of the six signature salts. Soap lovers can try out a variety of soaps by purchasing the travel/trial size bars, available in all six scents.

Susanna Parker is a recent college graduate and volunteer with Bethesda Green. Her interest in sustainability leads her to look for green solutions in uncommon places.