by Nick McGreivy, Bethesda Green intern

When he agreed to coach the Bethesda Green sponsored basketball team, Connor Garrity thought he was signing up as an assistant coach. Head coach David Breslaw was returning for another season, and Connor would be his assistant for the summer. But for Connor Garrity and Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School basketball summer league team, very little went as planned.

Days before the first game, former B-CC Head Coach Breslaw called up each of players to inform them that he would be leaving to coach at his alma mater, Richard Montgomery High School. While the move was not entirely unexpected, it still came as a shock to the players and to Coach Garrity, who was thrust into a new role as head coach.

Facing tough circumstances, Connor Garrity impressed. “He did a great job motivating us,” one of the players said. “He did everything we could have asked of him, considering it was his first head coaching gig. When Coach Breslaw left, we weren’t sure what kind of coach we would have, but now all of us are thankful to have had Connor as our coach.” With Garrity as head coach, he guided the Barons to a 3-6 record. Named the “Bethesda Green,” the team is composed of 13 players entering either their junior or senior years at B-CC high school. Some of the key players included seniors Matthew Lawrence, Eric Tschiderer, Nick McGreivy and Riley Markham.

Bethesda Green and Federal Realty Investment Trust sponsored the B-CC summer league team. A special thanks from the players to Bethesda Green and Federal Realty for their support of the team and of B-CC.