by Jeanette Perthel

On June 30, an international group of women visited Bethesda Green to share ideas and lessons learned about building sustainable communities.  The women were participating in a Global Women in Management Workshop sponsored by the Centre for Development and Population Activities, a group dedicated to empowering women to empower communities.

Global women's group visits Bethesda Green

The visitors are actively working in a variety of fields to strengthen women’s equality and economic independence, providing medical and emotional support, and education and training, all for sustainable development.

Going around the table, each woman introduced herself and country of origin: One woman from Angola, another from Argentina, one from China, Ghana, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Turkey, and Vietnam.

After introductions, the women asked questions about starting new businesses, such as:  How do you fund-raise?  How do you distribute loans or grants?  What’s the business incubator and how does it work?  Each women jotted down notes while Bethesda Green staff answered their questions.

Throughout the meeting the women told their stories and experiences of their progress and challenges, offering inspiration and hope for women in the future.

Opportunities in some countries are restricted by the government, culture, and economy, but these empowered women are fighting to revolutionize the independence of women in their homelands.  One could feel the electricity of support, equality, and change that is soon to come.  We’re grateful for the chance to hear their stories and proud to offer our encouragement and support.

A Bethesda Green intern, Jeanette Perthel graduated from Churchill High School and is attending Towson University this fall.