Bethesda Magazine Green Award Winners

Dave Feldman (Bethesda Green), Steve Nash (MOM's Organic Market), Dr. Stewart Edelstein (The Universities at Shady Grove), Noah Katz, Dan Dozier (Little Falls Watershed Alliance), David Lublin (Town of Chevy Chase), Rabbi Fred Dobb, Steve Hull (Bethesda Magazine), and Joseph Chirico (Capital One Bank) at the Oct. 7 Gala.

If you attended the Bethesda Green Gala back on October 7, then you saw the seven winners of the first-ever Bethesda Magazine Green Awards—and heard their acceptance speeches, too.

You can read short profiles of the winners in “Green Giants,” a feature in this month’s Bethesda Magazine. The winners were:

– MOM’s Organic Market
– Little Falls Watershed Alliance
– Marriott International, Inc.
– The Universities at Shady Grove
– Town of Chevy Chase
– Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb
– Noah Katz

We’ve published a recap of Bethesda Green Gala highlights, with a link to photos from the event.