by Rebecca Blaskopf

On August 5, Bethesda Green held its monthly happy hour at Union Jack’s in Bethesda, MD.  The room was filled with both new and old faces, as well as great conversation and social networking.  With $1 Miller Lites and $5 pizzas, it was no wonder that the event had such a great turn out.

Along with great food and drink deals, the event hosted some interesting and knowledgeable companies.  Members of the Potomac Conservatory were present, and gave out valuable information about what is occurring in our water systems.  A Solar Energy World representative was also in attendance, as it sponsored the entire event.  Not only did Solar Energy World represent the importance of alternative energy, but it also supplied appetizers and reusable bags for all in attendance.

Even though those appetizers did run out early, the connections and the wonderful conversations continued until the event ended.  Overall, the happy hour raised valuable funds to keep Bethesda Green helping others to learn about sustainable lifestyles as well as help other small environmental businesses grow.  Thank you to all who attended; we hope you had as wonderful a time as we did!  And for those who missed out, make sure to make it to our next happy hour, which will be held Thursday, Sept. 2 at Yamas Mediterranean Grill.  See our Meetup page for details.

Rebecca Blaskopf is a Bethesda Green intern and student at the University of Michigan.