The Last Boat Out

'The Last Boat Out' premieres April 21 on PBS. Join Bethesda Green for a group viewing, April 21 at Hard Times Cafe.

Join Seltzer Film and Video and Bethesda Green as we present the premiere of ‘The Last Boat Out,’ a PBS documentary film about the plight of the watermen on the Chesapeake Bay and the waters they depend upon. The event will take place at Hard Times Cafe on Wednesday, April 21. We’ll have a Happy Hour from 7-9 p.m. and then watch the film premiere from 9-9:30 p.m. Meet award-winning producer Laura Seltzer, socialize with the Bethesda Green community and see an amazing documentary.

I was part of a contingent of Bethesda Green folks who saw the film last week at a special Congressional screening Seltzer arranged with the House Water Caucus. It’s a powerful film that depicts the human side of a declining Bay: A group of Virginia watermen who struggle to provide for their families by working the Bay for oysters, clams and crabs the way their families have for three and four generations. Squeezed by dwindling catches and tighter state regulations, the watermen may themselves be an endangered species.

Seltzer also examines what’s causing the Bay’s decline, including stormwater and pollution runoff from farms and suburbs. This film brings home the fact that environmental degradation can affect people and their livelihoods.

Hard Times Cafe is at 4920 Del Ray Avenue, Bethesda. See you there!

–Written by Dan Kulpinski