Earth Day

Apollo 17 photo of Earth

Our theme for April is “Celebrating the Earth,” because Earth Day is April 22–and this year it’s the 40th anniversary of the national environmental event.

Bethesda Green’s Ann Dorough has written an excellent article about how taking any action helps–be it personal, such as installing a rain barrel or helping with a stream clean-up, or political, such as lobbying your congressperson. Environmentally-minded home improvements, service projects and political advocacy are all important. At Bethesda Green, we provide information and education to point you toward opportunities to be “green” and environmentally friendly. (Case in point: Here’s a list of Earth Day events in Montgomery County.)

Of course there’s a full range of opinions about Earth Day and a broad spectrum of activities taking place around the world. We want to know what you think: Are personal actions and political advocacy equally important? What will you do during Earth Month to help the planet? Post your comments here!