Bethesda Green assembled a stellar panel Tuesday evening, March 16, to discuss storm water management issues in the region.  While generally accepting that restoring local watersheds to the pristine condition of yesteryear is a daunting task indeed, incremental improvements can be accomplished if individual landowners adopt techniques to retain more storm water on their property rather than continuing to allow it to flow into the streams.

Moderated by Peter Ensign, Executive Director of DC Greenworks, the panel (Dan Kulpinski, publisher of;  Steve Dryden, co-chair of; Donna Evans, a Landscape Designer with American Plant; and Ann English, with Montgomery County’s RainScapes Program) provided an overview of the issues along with specific suggestions — such as installing rain gardens, rain barrels, permeable surfaces, and cisterns, along with planting more trees and deep-rooted native grasses — to stem the flow of water into the watersheds.

Dan Kulpinski, Steve Dryden, Donna Evans and Ann English (L-R) discussed regional stormwater management issues March 16 at Bethesda Green.

For the individual homeowner redoing their landscaping, the big take-away was to be sure to consider stormwater retention solutions in planning your project and check with County’s RainScapes Program about the cost-saving rebates they offer for various landscaping investments.

Also note that the assembled panel is making plans to install a community rain garden in the next month or so at the Clara Barton Community Center on MacArthur Blvd.  If you’re interested in being part of the project, please contact Marney Bruce (