A bit late in touting this, sorry to say, but the July/August issue of Bethesda Magazine includes an interesting article by Bob Guldin that considers what Bethesda will be like in the year 2020.  Despite the scary-sounding title — “Paradise Lost? By the year 2020, will a growing population and increased urban development hurt the quality of life in the Bethesda area?” — Guldin’s article explores reconciling Bethesda’s New Urbanism with its traditional bedroom community lifestyle.  The article quotes a number of people from the Bethesda Green community, including Executive Director Dave Feldman, County Councilman and Board Member Roger Berliner, and neighborhood leader and Board Member Ilaya Hopkins.  The piece starts on page 85.

BG AD 3Also be sure to check out an item featuring BG Board Co-Chair Seth Goldman and the staff of Honest Tea (page 194 of the “Coolest Companies” article by Hillary Jackson), and last but not least, the Bethesda Green ad executed in kind by Nasuti + Hinkle Creative Thinking and published pro bono by Bethesda Magazine.  The tag line of the ad (pictured) reads “Alternative fuels can come from lots of places.  Even cooking oil.”