Make sure you pick up a copy of the May/June 2009 issue of Bethesda Magazine.  Editor and Publisher Steve Hull and the magazine staff are really getting in a groove picking up on the local “green” business environment.  One article worth your attention is a tasty offering from veteran writer Carole Sugarman on local green eateries.  “‘Green’ Eggs: Making sense of organic, sustainable, local and green,” page 79, features quotes from Bethesda Green Executive Director Dave Feldman and spotlights our friends from Whole Foods, Sweetgreen, and others.

Additionally, the issue’s special Home section features an interesting article by Louisa Jagger, page 198.  “Extreme Green: Two new BG_AD_2_LWBethesda-area homes push the limits of green construction — in very different ways” explores building energy-efficient homes, with a great sidebar explaining some of the techniques and systems used, including passive solar, photovoltaic panels, solar hot water, geothermal energy, and insulation.  It’s must-reading for any homeowner considering investing in energy-efficient technologies.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Bethesda Green ad on page 264 (thumbnail version pictured here).  The tagline on the ad, created pro bono by the team at Nasuti + Hinkle Creative Thinking, reads: “The energy saved recycling steel for 1 year can provide a big city with electricity for a decade.”   As always, thanks to Nasuti and Bethesda Magazine for helping get our message out.