If you’re like me, you struggle to sort through a host of action steps to conserve energy and natural resources, save money, and reduce carbon output.  Ranging from easy things such as turning off the lights when you leave a room to more baffling challenges such as convincing yourself about the charms of waterless, composting toilets, a great user-friendly resource to guide your decisions is now available.

Author Susan Hartsfield

Author Susan Hartsfield

Written by Susan Hartsfield and illustrated by Rajeev Athale, The Complete Guide to Energy Conservation for Smarties assembles numerous energy-saving recommendations into a fun, easy-to-read format organized into three main sections: 100+ free and easy ideas, small investments/big savings, and big investments/lifetime savings.

We have a copy of the guide at Bethesda Green and invite you to take a look and judge for yourself.   The book is available through Susan’s website, Barnes and Noble, or Authors Bookshop.  Also, a couple of the Whole Food stores have it in stock.

In addition to being an author, Susan’s building a business, Global Baskets, selling Fair Trade baskets made from elephant grass by Ghanaian women — all this in her spare time from her regular gig as a nurse practitioner.  Whew!