For those who want to adopt a more green lifestyle, perhaps no other question gets asked more than, How do I go about doing that?  And, depending on who you ask, you’ll no doubt get a range of answers 090226-sogb-marketingfrom the misinformed to a litany of tasks untenable to all but monastic green monks.

With that in mind, a recent blog entry by Joel Makower of caught my eye.  Excerpting from The State of Green Business 2009 (which you can download for free after answering a short survey), Makower touches on consumers’ struggle to decipher among all the green claims of virtually every product and service in the market today.  Consumers understandably get confused.  As Makower states, “Given the lack of definitions, just about anything can be claimed as “green” — or “greenwash” — further muddying the waters.

My own take on all this, one I believe Makower shares, is that egregious forms of greenwashing should be called out, but any efforts to move in the right direction are welcome.

For communicators and organizations like Bethesda Green, our challenge is to first inform ourselves as best we can, then make that information available to the interested public.  We hope we’re putting in place the means to communicate the green message to our Bethesda Green audience — through this blog, the website, and numerous upcoming events — and welcome your ideas and insights that we can share with others.