Recommended reading for our Bethesda Green friends and neighbors is wapomagcover1yesterday’s cover story in the Washington Post Magazine.  Liza Mundy, magazine staffer and veteran DC reporter, profiles her personal experience trying to make her pre-World War II Arlington home greener and answers the question, “Can one small household help save the planet from global warming?” 

In a well-researched, fact-filled and often-humorous piece, Mundy muses about the challenges of identifying what’s the right thing to do and changing well-entrenched habits among family members.  She tries to answer three key questions: “Do small actions matter?  How do we know the right actions to take?  And can we really address global warming without sacrificing too much comfort and leisure, not to mention family harmony?”

In many ways, the article reflects my personal position in this journey to creating a greener society.  Also worth checking out are the numerous article comments, covering the range of perspectives, and tomorrow’s online chat with the Mundy.